The green color of hops can be found in this brightly decorated room with a view on the meadows behind our bed and breakfast.



Houblon (hops) is a herbaceous plant used as a medicine and as an ingredient of beer.
Initially hops were added to beer as a preservative, because of its antiseptic properties, but as we became accustomed to its bitter taste, it is now being considered as an essential ingredient of beer.

Effects of hops
Hops medical effects: it is restful and somnolent, therefore it is often added to tea. Hops also contain phenols, which are very similar to the female hormone estrogen, and thus fights the discomforts of womens menopause. It is even said this is the reason why older, beer-drinking men have more female hormones than their female peers ...


This room is equipped with:

  • shower
  • WC
  • flatscreen tv
  • wireless internet acces
  • terrace


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