Peer is a city in the province Limburg and has almost 16.000 habitants.  The city was one of the Great Cities of the Bishopric Liège. The name 'Peer' comes from pirgus meaning 'paved road'. Other sources indicate that the name comes from Perre of Parre, meaning 'fenced city'.


  • the St.-Trudo church from 1422   (In the church there are very ancient statues and the tower contains a carillon with 64 bells)
  • the Town Hall from 1637
  • the Armand Preud'homme Museum
  • the museum of the Royal Harmony of Peer
  • the military air base in Kleine Brogel (home of the 10th Tactical Wing and the Belgian F16 - provide with a spotterscorner)
  • one of Europe's largest indoor ski slopes
  • Darco, the horse which Ludo Philippaerts achieved big successes, is immortalized in a bronze statue


Bron : Wikipedia

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