The village Overpelt has over 13.500 inhabitants. Overpelt consists out of four parishes : the centre, Holheide, Overpelt-Fabriek ( with the industrial 'Nolimpark' and the largest parish Lindelhoeven. There are also two smaller settlements 'Haspershoven' and 'Heesakker'.

With four mills on the 'Dommel' (a tributary of the Meuse), two windmills and a mill museum, Overpelt has a wealth of mills. Moreover the oldest mills registrated, were once found in Overpelt. Already in the early eighth century, there have been reports of mills on the 'Dommel'.  

The 6 Pelter mills are:

  • Sevensmolen : a standardmill, built in 1745 in Helchteren. In 1853 moved to Overpelt. Purchased by the town in '62 and moved to the park 'Heesakkerheide' in 1964 and restored in 1964 and 1989.
  • Wedelse Molen : one of the oldest mills of the Low Countries. The mill was restored and converted into a tavern in 1974. The mill was kept running every day. 
  • Bemvoortse Molen : watermill, built around 1295. Restored in 1900. Remained in force until late 80s. 
  • Slagmolen : watermill (1208), later converted to floor mill.  Is a laboratory now.
  • Kleine Molen : watermill. Remained in force until 1978.  Candles galerie Daelhoxent is located in this mill.
  • Molen of Leyssen : built in 1902. Now furnished as a home.


Source: Wikipedia

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