Meeuwen-Gruitrode is a vast village with a relatively small number of inhabitants (12.607 inhabitants on January 1, 2007). Therefore it is not surprising that this town has the lowest population density in the region. This indicates the presence of large, unhabitated areas of heathland, lakes and wide forests in the southern and eastern part of the town.

Many hundreds of hectares of unspoilt natural beauty and green areas are open to "quiet recreation", including hiking and biking.

Meewen-Gruitrode has a rich and eventful past. Important archaeological finds from Stone, Bronze and Iron Age have been found here. Based on the remaining historic buildings, you can even see an entire evolution in styles : the Romanesque Chapel Willibrordus, the Gothic Sint-Gertrudis Church, the Roman Hubertus Church in Neerglabbeek and the Gothic Sint-Martinus Church in Meeuwen.


Source : Platform Northern-Limburg

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