Hechtel-Eksel arose when the villages Hechtel and Eksel merged in 1976. It hides a lot of memories of the war. A Sherman tank reminds us of the 'Battle of Hechtel' (September 1944).  Hidden in the militairy woods you will find the 'Monument of the Resistance'. A cemetery with 204 graves reminds us the resisters that were executed and buried here during the Second World War.  

Eksel is known for its 'Teuten' and their houses. A 'Teut' was a traveling trader who was, 9 months per year, away from home to sell his goods. In the first half of the 19th century, Eksel had 35 'Teuten', mainly selling copper and textiles. Their typical bougeois houses formed a great contrast with the littles farmes of the other villagers. Most know are the houses of the families Tielen, Feyen, Witters en Linmans.

Sightseeing :

  • the late Gothic St-Trudo church
  • the Star Mill 
  • the St-Anthony's Chapel 
  • the Farm Vanwinkel (16th century)
  • the Paenhoeve (1734 )
  • the Iron Pole.
  • The village pump on the restored Market Square


Source : Wikipedia

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